The real wedding breakfast

Looking for ideas on what to eat on the morning of your wedding? What makes a good wedding breakfast? Well, for sure – You don’t want to neglect your tummy on the morning of the big day, all the nerves will make you think you’re not hungry, but your body will need the energy of a good breakfast to get you through all the partying!

Here are 5 ideas for breakfast that you can enjoy with the rest of your wedding squad!

wedding breakfast Berries and fruit toast

Berries, Fruit Toast. Light, Simple & looks amazing. Makes a great social, sharing breakfast too!

eggs on toast

Eggs, high in protein – serve with toast & pair it with some fruit for the perfect combination.

fruit and pancakes

Pancakes, nuts and fruit. Weddings are supposed to be fun and pancakes are the most fun breakfast we know.

coffee and pastry

OK, nutritionists will freak. But we can’t start any day without a good strong coffee, so why should your wedding be any different. Slip a pastry in for a quick fix of energy. If you drink as much coffee as we do, you’ll have a headache by the ceremony if you skip it!

fruit platter

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