Picking the perfect wedding dress

A bride is the face of a wedding. Literally, very little attention goes to the groom.

(Sorry Guys! – We still love you though – which is why we’ve written a guide just for you:  Don’t forget the groom! ‎)

So, here are a few things that should considered when looking for a wedding dress – it can be a stressful process, but it should also be fun!

Instead of the usual nets and laces, some brides are opting for colours and prints that exude more life and lean more to their traditional fashion preferences. This may include a gown with some custom made embroidery or pattern.

Talk to your designer in case of you’d like to make an adjustment to something more traditional – they will know how best to handle it!

Colours are amazing, and can really bring out your character – but be careful not to go too light or too dark – you are aiming for elegance, too much colour can make the bride look unbalanced. The colours should not be drab, but with just enough life to bring out sophistication or the look the bride wants.

You do not have to buy the dress if you can make it. Create or borrow a creative design and create a masterpiece that you do not have to return to the shop after getting married. You can find a famous design a give it a twist here and a redesign it into something new There are a lot of DIY videos and articles online to help you spice up the décor, the design, the shape and the material of the dress. Most are easy to comprehend and who knows, you might get a client or two who require gowns at your wedding. This will save on money and will create something unique just for you.

Hair is another part of the outfit. Decide whether you want to go neat and sophisticated or outgoing but beautiful.  Take the messy bun for example. It involves the bride doing a neat messy bun and l have a lock or two on the front hanging out. It is enough to make the groom and the ladies envious .

Decide on what will be on your head, whether it will be a tiara or just a comb to hold the veil. This way, your search will be narrowed down to just what you require and you will not have to spend hours flipping pages on something you will probably not wear.


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  1. Useful tips! It makes such a difference when a dress is properly chosen & customised, I’m a dressmaker and we do a lot of alterations to ‘off the shelf’ dresses & it always makes such a difference to the way the bride looks.

  2. Brighton Beautiful says: Reply

    Thanks J, we appreciate your comment! As a dressmaker maybe you would be interested in contributing to our wedding blog?

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