Don’t forget the groom!

This ones for the boys! The girls get all the love, but sometimes the boys need love too.

So if you’re looking for some groom’s accessories with personality, or you want to jazz up a simple suit or tuxedo, or why not take things up a notch and try something totally new?

We know what men really want when it comes to accessories, Check out our fabulous guide to all things men’s wedding fashion accessories.

Bow ties

Are we past the bow tie trend yet? We’ll I’m not…

Bowties just booze quirkiness, they’re fun, friendly and they look super cute, why not try a jazzy colour against the more muted tones of your suit – or maybe go for the same colour, for a James Bond-esque level of cool. Pair with braces for the ever hot hipster look.

Brace yo’ self.

Braces. Once the exclusive reserve of the amish, now a sign of sophistication, quirkiness and hipster chic.


Stepping Out In Style

One of the most simple, funky ways to accessorise like a pro when it comes to being a sexy groom is to heat things up with your shoes. The girls get to spend a great amount of time deciding on their shoes, so why not join them?

Be Simple & Funky

Why not take a cue from the hotties of Downton Abbey and be simple,  but add some tiny touches for a funky effect. A plain white tie says a lot:

Beards. Grrr.

Beards, enough said. Not for every groom, but for the right man,  it’s the right look. We love a guy with a great beard.

I wear my sunglasses at night.

Sunglasses, always a good look – and on sunny days, safety first. This photo also highlight the beard pretty well again, we told you we had a problem 😉

Men simply don’t have as many options as the girls when it comes to wedding fashion, but with a few little touches, you’ll be sure to stand apart from the pack.

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