Don’t be afraid to get dirty!

Super quick post today, microblogging is the future! We’ll get our instagram running soon I’m sure.

To quote the great philosopher Christina Aguilera:

‘Wanna get dirrrrty, It’s about time for my arrival’

Ok, any excuse for an Ms. Aguilera quote, my point – Don’t stress about getting your dress dirty on your wedding day – it happens, just walking from the car the dress will get a bit mucky, its unavoidable. We say embrace it. Embrace the mess & the mud – dresses can always be cleaned and you really don’t need the stress on the big day off worrying about every little speck of dirt.

Your wedding photographers will love you too, here are some awesome photos where the brides clearly didn’t worry about getting a little dirty. OK maybe the last one takes it a bit far.


bride in wedding dress boho bride on rocks bride with flowers in her hair bride with long flowing dress bride lifting dress to show shoes bride and groom underwater

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