8 Ideas for Beautiful Bridal Shoes

Looking for some help in finding the perfect wedding shoes for your Brighton Wedding? Most weddings nowadays are themed, so why not match your shoe to your theme?

With a plethora of options to choose from here’s what you should be considering on your big day when it comes to dressing your feet:

wedding shoes flats

Wedding Pumps. For a formal affair wedding pumps are the kind of shoes fit for a Queen and peep toe pumps are totally adorable for vintage themed weddings. Check out places like Debenhams, House of Fraser and ASOS for the latest trends when it comes to pumps for your wedding day.

bride in forest with trainers

Ballet Flats. Bring a little something to a rustic romance or festival style wedding with a pair of ballet flats. From flats that sparkle to one’s embellished with bows you can often find these at a budget price from places like Office or Etsy.

converse at a wedding

Converse or Vans. We’re totally in love with taking the flat idea a step further and going for something ultra relaxed, like Converse or Vans – if you wear them in your day-to-day and love them, why not show your character in that way! You can even get white ones to blend in with the traditional wedding garb – or if you’re really feeling flashy, you can get ones adorned with sequins or glitter!

wedding t strap shoes

Wedding T-Straps are a little more traditional, often embellished with gorgeous jewels that make your feet sparkle. Great for the bride who wants to dance the night away at her reception, you can find these sparkly numbers at stores like ASOS, or Rachel Simpson.

sandals at a wedding

Wedding Sandals let your inner Boho run free! Great for popping down the beach – don’t let those stones put you off! Or, If you’re ditching Brighton, in favour of a destination wedding to the Maldives, Canary Islands or Thailand – Sandals might be the way to go, they’re great for warm weddings and you can grab a pair at Next, Monsoon, House of Fraser, Dune or even John Lewis.

jimmy choo designer wedding shoes

Designer Shoes. Or if you’re feeling like something opulent, why not bring in the big names like Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin – Nothing makes you feel more like a princess than some designer wedding shoes – and isn’t that what weddings are about?

bride in her boots

Boots. When It Comes To Wedding Shoes you don’t have to go traditional. Are you the kind of girl that wears boots say in day out? Then why change that on your special day?

mens wedding shoes

The Boys! Don’t forget the boys – just because the stereotype is that girls love their shoes (we don’t, right!) the boys might like something stylish too!

What about shoe colour? Why not add a pop of colour to match your wedding colours. Today’s modern bride is sporting bright yellow, electric blue, pops of purple and hot pink under their wedding dress to make for one epic photo shoot! If you dare to bare a little colour go bold or go home.

We hope that gives you some ideas – we’ll be adding to this as we find more inspiration, But whatever you do, do it your way & have fun!

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  1. Great post. Slightly off topic, I am in the midst of getting my girlfriend a present and I am thinking along the lines of shoes. She’s a simple, classy lady – What would you guys recommend? Thank you in advance!

  2. Brighton Beautiful says: Reply

    It really depends on your budget & her style, maybe take a look through her shoe collection to get an idea of brands and styles she likes? Then look at those designers! But you can never go wrong with Louboutins 😉

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